Designing a plate board for M60

Hello again. Here’s an update about designing a plate board for our M60 mechanical keyboard.

There are many materials to make a plate, such as carbon fiber, aluminum, brass, copper and etc. While, we choose to use FR4 PCB. Here is why:

  1. We want to place Bluetooth (2.4GHz) antenna and NFC antenna on the plate. It enables high-performance RF transmission even if you are using a metal case. It also allows you to scan the NFC tag on the front of the keyboard.
  2. It is super easy to customize a PCB.
M60 PCB Plate Board with ANTs

We’re working on the plate board with three options: Black, Red, Purple. This plate board will come with:

  • Classic MX Switch Cutout
  • Cherry PCB Mount + Costar Stabilizer Cutout
M60 PCB Plate Board - Black M60 PCB Plate Board - Red M60 PCB Plate Board - Purple

What do you think? Let us know which option you love and we will bring it to life!