M60 Mechanical Keyboard

An Open Source, USB & BLE 5.0, Modular, Hot-Swappable, 60% Keyboard powered by Python

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The Story of M60

A few months ago, we made a hand-wired keyboard and brought Python to it. This project received plenty of attention, but it is difficult for most people to make such a keyboard. We believe that a Python powered keyboard will make a big difference. We'd really like to take this work further, so we start to design a new keyboard hardware. It is called M60.

USB Type-C & BLE 5.0 Connectivity

Powered by Python

Modular, Hot-Swappable & Solder-Free

Key Features

  • GitHub

  • Cross-platform

  • Multi-connections

  • Python

  • 60% Layout

  • Multi-layers

  • Highly configurable

  • RGB Lighting

  • Battery

  • NKRO - Anti-ghost

  • Productivity

  • Modular Design

  • BLE 5.0

  • USB Type-C

  • NFC

  • Hot-swappable

We have prepared a few M60 PCBAs for developers before launch. If you really want to get involved early in the process, you can apply for an engineering sample.

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