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Base Dock (Grove Compatible)

Base Dock (Grove Compatible)

Essential add-on for nRF52832-MDK and nRF52840-MDK

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What's in the Box

  • 1x Base Dock Board
  • 4x M3 Screw
  • 4x M3 Plastic Spacer

Dimensions & Weight

  • 58mm x 54mm / 2.28" x 2.14"
  • Height: 17mm / 0.67"
  • Weight: 35.0g
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The Base Dock is an essential tool allowing you to build rapidly Internet of Things applications. It is an ideal add-on to the existing nRF52832-MDK and nRF52840-MDK development boards.

The Base Dock can be powered by only one AA battery, and it also features a power button and a PCB NFC antenna. It is also Grove compatible, which means you can connect easily and quickly sensors with the 4 Grove connectors.

For more about Grove, please visit Seeed Studio Grove page.

base dock and grove modules


  • Work with nRF52832-MDK and nRF52840-MDK development boards
  • Low-cost and convenient for Mesh Networking applications
  • Grove compatible with hundreds of Grove modules supported
  • NFC tag-A PCB Antenna available
  • AA Battery power supply with step-up converter integrated
  • Power Button with Latching Circuit
  • Battery level sensing

Hardware Specifications

  • Dual 2x18 Socket Headers compatible with nRF52832-MDK & nRF52840-MDK
  • 4 Grove connectors with UART/I2C/I2S/PDM/QDEC/SPI/ADC selectable
  • NFC tag-A PCB Antenna available
  • One Power Button with Latching Circuit
  • AA Battery Holders
  • Synchronous, Step-up Converter with VIN>VOUT Down Mode Operation
  • 0.8V-to-4V Input Range
  • 3.3V Output with Over-Current Protection
  • Battery level sensing with 1:2 voltage divider on AIN2
  • Low power consumption: 5uA Shutdown Current; 145uA Idle Current
  • Measures 2.28" x 2.14" x 0.67" (58mm x 54mm x 17mm)

Block diagram

Base Dock Block Diagram

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What is included

Base Dock Board 1
Screw M3  4
Plastic Spacer M3 4